Solar Power in Ontario

We know.. this is Canada! Our winters can be harsh sometimes, but we are still blessed with the amount of sun we get every year. Amount of Solar Energy received on a flat surface over time is the key piece of information required to size and estimate performance of your solar panel system. This is the base for all of your future Solar Energy Generation and Income calculations.

Natural Resource Canada (NRCan) has been measuring and recording Solar Energy/Insolation and other parameters from 144 meteorological stations across Canada for more than 40 years. As a result, a few very accurate and informative tables and maps are available for you to use here:

For example, the Solar Photovoltaic potential for the City of Toronto is 1163 kWh/kW, which means that every 1000W of DC power (for example, 4 solar panels of 250W each) can generate 1163 kWh/kW kWh of AC electricity every year! If you install a 10kW solar panel system, it will be producing 1163kWh/kW x 10kW=11’630 kWh per year on average.

City of Vancouver gets 1007 kWh/kW, Calgary – 1291 kWh/kW, Halifax – 1073 kWh/kW. If you compare these numbers with the rest of the world like London, England (728 kWh/kW), Berlin, Germany (848 kWh/kW), Beijing, China (1148 kWh/kW), you can see that Canada has an amazing solar photovoltaic potential.

Today you can harvest this energy of sun, make money, and contribute to a cleaner environment. You can be part of Ontario’s growing green energy movement by participating in one of the 3 programs:

MicroFIT/FIT, under which you can benefit from Ontario Government Incentives by generating electricity, and selling it back to the grid for a guaranteed price;

Net Metering, which allows you to reduce your hydro bill by exporting generated electricity back to the utility grid for a credit against energy consumed;

Go Offgrid, and generate electricity for your own independent consumption. You would charge heavy duty batteries with your solar panels during the day, and run your critical loads in the house whenever it is required.

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