Take a picture of your microFIT solar project and win $1,000!

Dear microFIT Owners and Solar Installers,

Today we want to say “Thank You” for taking the first step, installing solar panels on your roof or ground, producing clean energy, and helping our environment! Thank you for changing this world one solar roof at a time!

Not sure if you know, but 2017 will be the last year for the microFIT solar program…

Since its introduction in 2009 we’ve seen it all: heated debates, strong support and opposition, solar companies thriving and going out of business. But despite all of the uncertainties, critics, hits and misses, the microFIT program has turned out to be a huge success for Ontario! There’s been more than 26,000 microFIT contracts executed up to date with the total capacity of more than 228 megawatts!

But most importantly, our province has been able to get rid of dirty coal-fired power plants, jump start the solar industry, and become of the world leaders in the renewable energy sector!

So, if you have an amazing picture of your microFIT solar project, help us celebrate! Please share it on our Facebook page, and get your Friends to like it! Picture with the most likes wins $1,000!

For full contest rules please visit https://ontario-solar-installers.ca/microfit-photo-contest/

Good luck!

Ontario Solar Installers

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