Install Solar Panels: How Can You Benefit?

  • Receive money by selling electricity back to the grid – install a microFIT or FIT solar panels system and benefit from Ontario’s Government Incentives for 20 years!
  • Reduce your utility bill by 50-100% – install a Net-Metering Solar panels system and receive utility credits for your energy production
  • Increase value of your property– expect $3500 added to the resale value of your house for every $1000 investment in your solar panels system (according to some researches)
  • Stop paying your hydro by going Off-Grid. This way you will be producing your own electricity at the point where it is being consumed, and will eliminate expensive transmission and distribution charges.
  • Go Green! – Help combat air pollution. By installing solar panels and generating electricity you will help to phase out coal-fired power plants in Ontario. Rooftop solar together with the other forms of energy generation will eventually eliminate Ontario’s need to invest heavily in new power plants, costly transmission lines and other forms of electricity infrastructure.

Go Solar!      Click here to read about the steps required to apply for solar and install your solar panels system.

“The best investment I’ve ever made! This will pay the tuition fees for my children once they start going off to university. I filled out a request form and got estimates from 3 different companies. Went with the one that had more experience (350+ solar installations). They took care of everything from start to finish. So far our system is running better than calculated. Here are my production numbers for 2015: Jun. 1682.63 kWh, Jul. 1767.27 kWh, Aug. 1463.22 kWh, Sept.1238.26 kWh, Oct. 795.83 kWh, Nov. 798.13 kWh, Dec.512.68 kWh, Jan. 607.01 kWh and counting! ”
Andrei Z, Hamilton, ON

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