Solar panel technician with drill installing solar panels on roof

Cost of solar panels in Ontario

For most potential solar customers, the motivations for considering the purchase of a solar array break down into a combination of personal priorities. Many people have environmental motivations – they want to reduce their carbon footprint. Others like the idea … More info

most efficient solar panels

Efficiency of solar panels

In the world of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, researchers are continually striving to convert more and more of the sun’s energy into electricity with smaller and smaller solar cells. Many of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar panels are bringing … More info


How Long Will My Solar Panels Last?

Warranties on solar panels are a little different from warranties on other types of household appliances. For instance, a ten-year warranty on a washing machine promises that the machine will wash clothing exactly the same in year ten as it … More info

Large Hailstones

Will Hail Damage My Solar Panels?

One of the many common questions that homeowners have is regarding the durability of solar panels. Because they are installed on the roof of a home or business or a ground-mounted rack in an equally exposed area, they can fall … More info

Example of rodent damage to PV wiring

Protecting Your Solar From Pests

Both rooftop and ground-mounted solar arrays are designed and engineered to withstand a myriad of environmental conditions. High wind, hail and even lightning strikes are no problem for a well engineered system. One persistent issue that can plague owners of solar, … More info

Photovoltaic silicon panels with tilted single axis track system in a small solar power plant, Portugal

Solar trackers

It just makes sense that a solar panel pointed directly at the sun is going to make more power than one that is not facing it. Unfortunately, a solar panel on a roof-mounted array or other fixed rack is generally … More info

drone fly in the sky, great for your design

Drones & Solar: High Tech Cross-Over

When you think of drones, the first thing you think of might not be solar energy installation. But as in so many other industries that are experimenting with drones, the solar energy sector is seeing countless new opportunities when it … More info

photovoltaic panels

Can you install solar panels yourself?

Solar equipment has gotten more and more standardized. It seems like with “plug and play” equipment, you should be able to save a lot of money by installing a solar project yourself. But is that a smart move? Here are … More info

Tigo monitoring system_effect of shading

Why do I need Solar Monitoring?

Once your solar panels are installed, it’s not enough to flip the switch, start making power and just walk away. You probably want to be able to monitor your system, make sure that everything is working properly, and check your … More info

German company Sonnen will start producing battery storage systems in the US

A lot homeowners are getting interested in achieving energy independence these days. A small amount of battery storage installed in your garage or basement can minimize amount of electricity you buy from your local hydro company, leverage your time-of-use energy charges, … More info