Tesla Teases Record-Breaking New Roadster at Surprise Announcement

Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk delighted fans and put other automakers on notice with a surprise reveal of its next-gen Roadster – a vehicle which, according to the automaker, can go from zero to 60 miles an hour in … More info

What Do We Know About Tesla’s Electric Truck?

Tesla is set to unveil its electric semi truck this week, and as usual with announcements from the tech phenom, the buzz surrounding the release has reached a fever pitch. Tesla CEO Elon Musk fanned the flames when he tweeted … More info

Take a picture of your microFIT solar project and win $1,000!

Dear microFIT Owners and Solar Installers, Today we want to say “Thank You” for taking the first step, installing solar panels on your roof or ground, producing clean energy, and helping our environment! Thank you for changing this world one … More info

Solar Financing Options

With residential solar power increasing in popularity in Ontario many homeowners are seriously considering installing a solar energy system on their own homes. Although the benefits of solar energy are obvious and numerous, it is still a significant financial investment … More info

Green Energy Incentives Now Free For Ontario Homes

With an investment of $377 million dollars, the Ontario government has just launched the Green Ontario Fund, and the first incentive will be to provide free smart thermostat installations to Ontario homes. Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Chris Ballard, revealed the … More info

Do Micro-inverters Really Live Up To Expectations?

Micro-inverters are the newest solar technology available on the market and claim to increase overall solar energy system performance and energy yields. When micro-inverters were first introduced to the solar industry in the early 1990’s, they presented an exciting opportunity … More info

Will Solar Eclipse impact your solar energy system’s performance?

In case you haven’t heard, a total solar eclipse is imminent and it is creating a lot of excitement in the United States. As an Ontarian, you may be curious to know whether you’ll get to share in our neighbor’s … More info

How does dirt or snow affect solar panels performance?

Take a look at the picture. Can you guess at what time of the day we rinsed solar panels with water? Do you notice a slight bump on the power production curve around noon time? Exactly! Quite often we are … More info

How Tesla Roof tiles are kept cool to ensure maximum efficiency?

It’s official; the first Tesla Solar roof has just been installed, and visually it looks pretty amazing. However, the big question many people are asking is, how is a glass solar panel going to help keep my house warm in … More info

Alberta Launches Solar Panels Incentives Program

The program is called RCSP which stands for Residential and Commercial Solar Program. If you own a home in Alberta and are looking to install solar panels, you can now receive 30% off your solar panels system cost up to … More info