Some other solar panels projects installed in Ontario

10kW microFIT system, Parry Sound
In operation since October 2010.
“The solar production continues to amaze me. I chose to sell the generated  hydro back to the grid at .80 cents per kilowatt. The first three months have generated between $750 – $850 per month. Expected pay back on the loan is around 6 1/2 to 7 years with the remaining income from the 20 year contract going to me. The layout covers my entire garage roof and has generated many second looks and inquiries. The sun is shining today and the panels are making money. To not make use of free clean energy seems like such a waste and I would encourage anyone interested to simply contact and ask about going solar. THAT’S HOW IT ALL STARTED FOR ME”
Lewis M., Parry Sound, ON.

solar panels installation Oakville10.78 kW microFIT system,
Oakville, ON.
In operation since Dec. 2011.
I am very glad I used to find my installer. Solar contractor performed an absolutely amazing install last Saturday. The workmanship is of the highest calibre, the panels are as straight as can be and the attachment method used to secure the rails to the roof is of the highest quality. The arrays are very neat and evenly spaced. It was quite an achievement when you consider that they all worked a 13-14 hour day with temperatures hitting 35 degrees and the humidex reading hitting 45 degrees.
David N., Oakville, ON

solar panels installation Baden

6.86 kW microFIT system, Baden, ON.
In operation since July 2012.
We have found our solar panel installer through website. Contractor did a great job with our solar panel sales and installation. Our many project questions were answered promptly and thoroughly.  The installation was completed quickly and professionally. We have been earning the predicted amount so far with our 6.86kWh roof top mounted system.  We highly recommend visiting website and obtaining several quotes before you install your solar project.
Sherilyn and Michael, Baden, ON

solar-panels-oakville10.00 kW microFIT system, Oakville, ON. In operation since Sept. 2012.
Now in the 4th year, Solar income is in line to what was sold, so I am very satisfied. It feels good to know that I am doing my bit to green world, and at the same time, I will make investment return. Thank you, OSI team ( for recommending a reputable installer!
Antonio S, Oakville, ON.


5.4 kW microFIT system, Mississauga
In operation since May 2013.
“We were very interested in solar technology when we learned about Ontario’s microFIT Program. Installing solar panels was a high priority for us in order to contribute to the “Green” cause and helping the environment, while at the same time securing a stable return on investment. It has been one of the best investments for our house. We received a few quotes through website, and found a reputable solar contractor who provided exceptional knowledge and service from start to finish. Throughout the installation, we were pleased with their professionalism, experience and dedication to their work. Thank you for the excellent Solar PV System design, installation and service.”
Arshad I., Mississauga, ON

10.0 kW microFIT system, Mississauga
In operation since April panels Mississauga
Here are the pictures of the 10 kW system installed and also a snap shot of the energy production in the last 3 years. In terms of performance my house is not situated ideally towards South. When the solar array was commissioned in May 15, 2013, the original calculations for energy generation were at 70% of the ideal forecasted values (when it’s facing true south at a 33 deg. roof angle). Now take a look at the numbers from Tigo and the PDF file generated from the application PVWatts and do the comparison.
10kW solar panels system production Mississauga, ONYou will see that in 2014 it was 82.4% and in 2015 was 86.7% and finally this year I’m expecting 11 MWh production and that gives us 90.4%. These numbers are amazing! Thanks, guys, for beating my expectations!
Ahmed M., Mississauga, ON

solar-panels-installation-whitby10.0 kW microFIT system, Whitby
In operation since April 2013.
“It will be this biggest generating year so far – we have already surpassed last year – which was biggest. People ask me all the time: “Does it makes sense?” Well, my quick response is: “I would do it again – without any hesitation”. In fact – I wish I would have done it earlier. It is extra income for those rainy days – It basically pays my taxes for me.” Ron P., Whitby, ON


9.8 kW microFIT system, Kitchener.
In operation since July 2014.
Thanks to the efforts of OSI, I am now entering my fourth month of solar production. Solar panel installer I found was extremely helpful in completing the required paperwork, contracts and arranging the financing. The engineer attended my site and evaluated the location and a proposed layout was provided and agreed upon.  Installers showed up to mount the panels as scheduled and followed through on the project until the system was fully operational. A very professional and organized process that works extremely well. Contact has continued to ensure the system is functioning as planned. Thank you team for helping me find a professional solar installation company. I would definitely recommend this web source for all your solar needs.
Nicoleta H., Kitchener, ON

10 kW microFIT system, Hamilton, ON. In operation since Jun. 2015
The best investment I’ve ever made! This will pay the tuition fees for my children once they start going off to university. I filled out a request form on website, and got estimates from 3 different companies. Went with the one that had more experience, i.e. more than 350 solar installations. They took care of everything from start to finish, and so far our system is running better than calculated. Below are our production numbers for 2015:

  • June: 1,682.63kWh
  • July: 1,767.27 kWh
  • August: 1’463.22 kWh
  • September: 1’238.26 kWh
  • October: 795.83 kWh
  • November: 798.13 kWh
  • December: 512.68 kWh
  • January 2016: 607.01 kWh

Andrew Z., Hamilton, ON

Rooftop Solar Panels Installation Woodbridge

10.29 kW microFIT system, Woodbridge, ON.
In operation since Dec. 2015.
Purchasing and installing solar panels can seem intimidating, but with the right guidance and help it was simple and quick. I would recommend visiting website to anyone looking to install a solar power generating system.
Steve V., Woodbridge, ON