What to ask your solar installer

sun energyEven though we pre-qualify solar panels companies, it is important for you to get accustomed with each installer yourself. A professional company will perform your site assessment, shading analysis, provide you with a solar modules layout, quote and financial analysis of your solar investment.

Here is a list of some questions you might want to ask:

  • Do you have experience installing solar panel systems in Ontario? How many systems have you installed in Ontario?
  • Can you provide a list of past customers who would be willing to provide references?
  • Are your installers qualified to install the project? Do they meet all necessary safety regulations, licensing and certification requirements?
  • Are you registered with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Do you provide warranties on your labour and products?
  • Do you have general liability insurance to cover property damage or injury?
  • Do you have any pending or active legal judgements against your company?
  • Will you assess my property to ensure that the system is installed at an optimal location? For example, will you ensure that my solar panel system is not in a shaded area?
  • Will you order all the required equipment for the project? What is the full cost of the total installation?
  • Is there any fees that are not included on the quote?
  • What are the ongoing operating and maintenance costs I can expect and who will be responsible for them?
  • Will you arrange for all necessary approvals and permits? This includes:
    • Building Permit(s)
    • Offer to Connect from the Local Distribution Company (LDC)
    • Authorization to Connect from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)
    • Renewable Energy Approval, if required.
  • Will you work with my Local Distribution Company to arrange for connection to the grid? This includes:
    • preparing the connection configuration diagrams
    • arranging for payment of the connection costs
    • helping prepare the connection agreement with the local distribution company
    • arranging for installation and testing of the meter.
  • Will you help me prepare my microFIT Program application?
Next steps

Now you know what to inquire from a solar panel company. To get in touch with leading solar panel installers in Ontario, fill out the request for quotes and proposals.