Going Off Grid

Off Grid Solar systems
An off grid system (or stand-alone) is a type of solar photovoltaic system that operates autonomously, generates power, and supplies it to electrical loads independently of the local utility company. If you own a cottage or live in a remote area with no electric poles around, installing an offgrid system might be the only way to bring power to your place.

Typical Off Grid System Components
A stand-alone solar panel system usually consists of the following main components:

  • Solar panels array (strings of solar modules connected in series and/or in parallel)
  • PV charge controller (a device that regulates battery bank charge by controlling the charging voltage and/or current)
  • Battery bank (a set of batteries connected to each other to provide required voltage and capacity)
  • Inverter (a device that converts DC power coming from the solar array to AC power used in-house)
  • Loads (a piece(s) of equipment that consumes electricity)

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