Solar site assessment – Initial consultation

With the help of some advanced technological tools available to the installers these days solar site assessment can be done with an ease. Solar panels installation company can even measure your roof remotely using an online tool called Google Earth. If you are looking to install a Net Metering or an Offgrid System, looking at your monthly energy bill for energy consumption, and determining your critical loads is extremely important.

Rooftop Solar Panels Array

Determining Tilt and Azimuth angles

Another important factor to consider is shading of your solar panels array. Professional solar panels installer would usually go up on your roof, take some measurements, and use SolarPathfinder tool (or any other) to assess affect of shading on the performance of your future solar panels system. Take a look at this test report generated by one of the solar panels installation companies in Toronto: Solar Pathfinder Report

If you are planning to install a solar panels monitoring system, you’d be able to see online how many watts each panel is producing at a particular time of the day.

Tigo monitoring system_effect of shading

Tigo monitoring system_shading effect

During this initial consultation ask your solar panels installer the following questions:
– how many solar panel systems have they installed in Ontario?
– how long does the application, approval, and installation process take?
– can they provide references of the solar projects already completed?
– what type of equipment (solar modules, inverters, racking, etc.) are they supplying?
– what is the installation method (rails, footings, flashings, etc.)
– what is the warranty on the parts and labour?
– etc.