Green Energy Incentives Now Free For Ontario Homes

With an investment of $377 million dollars, the Ontario government has just launched the Green Ontario Fund, and the first incentive will be to provide free smart thermostat installations to Ontario homes.

Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Chris Ballard, revealed the new green incentive yesterday and explained how the program could reduce home and business owners’ energy costs while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Smart thermostat installations will be allocated to homes on a first come, first serve basis which saw the website experience some temporary issues due to high demand.  Eligible households can register for the program, and if you are one of the first 100,000 to register, a technician will arrange a time to install your smart thermostat at no cost to you!

Once your smart thermostat is installed, it is designed to operate through an internet connection and can adjust itself automatically to suit variances in your home’s temperature. With its smartphone connectivity, the smart thermostat can send alerts directly to your phone and can be programmed and adjusted remotely.

Home Thermostat – Remote Control

Minister Ballard shared his own experience of the benefits of a smart thermostat in his own home and explained how the smart technology has worked for his family.

“My kids would come home on a hot, sweaty spring day — and you’ll note there are more and more hot, sweaty spring days — and I’d be at work and they’d immediately crank up the air conditioning and I would get a notification on my smartphone about some activity going on, and I would quietly dial back down the air conditioning.”

To be eligible for the program you must be an owner or renter of a detached, semi-detached, town and row home. Renters must obtain their landlords’ permission to participate in the program.

With the first installations happening in the fall, don’t waste any time registering for this latest government incentive. You can register now for the GreenON smart thermostat installation program here. Comment below and let us know when you are registered!



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