Current microFIT applications processing times

November 9, 2016
Updates on microFIT application process

Current application processing time is approximately 60 days. This is due to a current back-log, a bit more complicated and time consuming review process, which is aimed at protecting customers. Yes, please BEWARE, there are some solar companies out there who were (or still would be) filling out a microFIT application on your behalf, receive an approval from the Government, and then show up at your door one day telling you are 100% approved, and asking you to sign on the dotted line right away…

This is why IESO and your local utility want to make sure you fully understand the program, contract details, terms and conditions, microFIT rates, etc. Please make sure you keep login and password information to your microFIT home page to yourself!

Hopefully once the IESO team handling the applications gets used to the new review process, the whole process will become streamlined and turn-around times will improve.summer-sun-6

Even if it takes a little bit longer than anticipated, please don’t give up! You are doing something that is not only good for yourself, your house, but also for the environment!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for going Solar!

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