German company Sonnen will start producing battery storage systems in the US

A lot homeowners are getting interested in achieving energy independence these days. A small amount of battery storage installed in your garage or basement can minimize amount of electricity you buy from your local hydro company, leverage your time-of-use energy charges, and store up to a day of emergency power. If you own or plan to install solar panels, you might be interested in smart storage and software capabilities for better efficiency and management of your solar panels system energy output.

Increasing demand from residential solar market represents significant opportunities for battery storage companies like Tesla. One of their biggest rivals, a German-based residential storage company Sonnen, has been increasing its investment in the growing U.S. market as well. The company has recently announced plans to establish a new InnovationHub which will combine product Research and Development and Manufacturing under one roof. The new facility will operate out of Atlanta, GA, and begin production of SonnenBatterie products in the 2nd quarter of 2017.

Sonnen has deployed over 16’000 battery storage systems globally up to date.

SonnenBatterie Eco

SonnenBatterie Eco

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